How to turn off that Windows 10 upgrade notification. Grrrr.

If like me you are already annoyed at Microsoft’s Windows 10 stupid notification upgrade, then I am going to show you how to quickly remove it.

How to stop the windows 10 notification

Step 1

Navigate to your control panel


Step 2

Under ‘programs’ click uninstall


Step 3

Click ‘view installed updates’ on the left had side

Step 4

Search for KB3035583 and/or KB2952664.

Step 5

Uninstall them. Then rebooted your computer.
After that the icon in the corner should be gone!

Step 6

When  you have finished this you will want to turn off the notifications so you are not notified to install them again. To this you will have to launch Windows Update again and search for new updates. The update(s) you have just removed will be shown as a required update. Right-click on the updates you do not want to be reminded about any more and mark them as Hidden. Hopefully you will never be reminded of them and will never see the notification again!