How to stay energized while playing games the healthy way

G Fuel by Gamma Labs

So after being introduced to this by my gaming buddies I finally decided to give this stuff a try. Everyone keeps raving about it on twitter so I thought what the heck and when a bought some sample sticks online. I purchased 3 flavours to give a test to which were fazeberry, grape and the pineapple flavour that has just been released.

Mixing the drink

When I received my sample packs I was excited to try them out. It was a bit hard for me to mix the power with the water as instructed as I didn’t have a shaker cup that easily does this. I did see that Gamma Labs do make their own official G-Fuel shaker cups, and I highly recommend getting one if you don’t have anything at home to mix the drink.

The taste

Compare to most supplements that I have tried over the years, the taste is actually really good which makes it enjoying to drink as well. My favourite out of the 3 I bought was the fazeberry as it tasted the sweetest, but that’s just my personal preference. I would suggest you try them all out to see what is yours.

The effects

It didn’t take long to feel the effects kick in, approximately 20 minutes for me, which is a little longer than a energy drink like Red Bull would take, but that is down to the sugar! While playing the new CoD Black Ops I felt a strong fixated rush that had me glued to my screen and reactions were a lot more on point as I racked up my kill streaks.

After about 90 minutes I felt the drink start to wear off, however, unlike the usual energy drink crash I just felt normal again. Normally after a dose of sugar fuel energy I want to take nap!


What makes this drink great is that there is zero sugar (yes really!), which is great as it doesn’t take a toll on your health if you start to drink loads. The energy come from the caffeine content. The dosage is high compared to a cup of coffee, but it is a lot safer then consuming a load of sugar that’s for sure!

Buy it in the UK

As GFuel is a U.S based company it is pretty difficult getting it shipped over, and can work out quite expensive. All G Fuel products can be bought in the UK, which is really cheap as well. This website has all whole Gamma Labs range which makes it a one stop shop!

Finally! New Black Ops is released.

The new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was released at mid night and even though I have a lecture in the morning I went down to Tesco in town and queued up to buy it. I know you might think I am sad but I have been waiting for the game for a long time now.

Here is some game play footage that has been happening on online play.

I haven’t done any studying today because of this, and I can see myself not getting any sleep either!

How to turn off that Windows 10 upgrade notification. Grrrr.

If like me you are already annoyed at Microsoft’s Windows 10 stupid notification upgrade, then I am going to show you how to quickly remove it.

How to stop the windows 10 notification

Step 1

Navigate to your control panel


Step 2

Under ‘programs’ click uninstall


Step 3

Click ‘view installed updates’ on the left had side

Step 4

Search for KB3035583 and/or KB2952664.

Step 5

Uninstall them. Then rebooted your computer.
After that the icon in the corner should be gone!

Step 6

When  you have finished this you will want to turn off the notifications so you are not notified to install them again. To this you will have to launch Windows Update again and search for new updates. The update(s) you have just removed will be shown as a required update. Right-click on the updates you do not want to be reminded about any more and mark them as Hidden. Hopefully you will never be reminded of them and will never see the notification again!

What is it I am studying ??

Computer Science

I know it sounds super complex, but it really isn’t when start to take an interest. I am in my first year and already really enjoying it!

Here’s a quick video to briefly explain what it is all about…